Glenwood became a subdivision of Panama City in the 1920s. It was originally divided into about 550 lots with many lying along the waterfront of Watson Bayou. Over time, the name Glenwood was applied to a broader geographical area than the original subdivision. When the Glenwood Revitalization Steering Committee began exploring the idea of setting boundaries, they quickly determined that a narrow definition would possibly be contentious and might also leave out necessary parcels for redevelopment.

The committee discussed boundaries in the task force settings for three months and settled on a broad delineation to create commerce opportunities along the main artery Martin Luther King Boulevard and to capitalize on such assets as Bay Medical Center, the light industrial zoned area near the Panama City Mall and a large land area along Watson Bayou for potential green space development.

Greater Glenwood extends north from East End along 5th Street in Downtown Panama City, an early African-American settlement a few blocks east of Downtown Panama City, to the Panama City Mall on US Highway 231. It is located within Magnolia and Redwood Avenues. Many early settlers of Greater Glenwood moved there from East End and Millville. The Greater Glenwood designation is also meant to pay homage to the early African American pioneers in those bordering areas.